From the desk of: Roy Fielding                        

I will show you how to create an online business from scratch so you can join the millions of other people who started off just like you and are now making good income.

It's a simple formula. Traffic (plus a few tricks of the trade I'll show you) = sales.

And I Have A SECRET Plugin That'll Make Your pages In 5 or 10 Minutes And You
Can The Use Them To Collect Leads And Sales.... YA! Immediately!

The real secret to making great money online is to create, market and sell your own products and I'm going to help you do exactly that.

One Slow Month Being An Internet Marketer Is Better Than Any Day Going Fishing
For A Real Offline Job, I Would Say.... Would You Agree With That Statement?

(*and yes you know that your results will vary, and you may blow me out of the water too)

Now once you get inside the private secured members area I'll show you how....

  • To start building an online optin email list of hungry, loyal buyers...
    (These are folks that opted in to receive your emails, this is NOT Spam)
  • To monetize the complete funnel systems so you make money with them...
    (Without the right pieces of the puzzle in place, you could lose 1000's)
  • To get the quality traffic to these capture pages that we will create...
    (Traffic means good traffic, you need targeted traffic to the right offers)
  • To get affiliates to sell your products and build your buyers list for you...
    (Not many affiliates know this stuff, and I built folks list for years myself)
  • To upload files and products to their designated folders on your hosting
    (Sounds hard, but it is really so easy the way I show you step by step)
  • Build multiple residual checks from getting folks to do something once..
    (If someone joins a service or membership, they pay me every month)
  • To get your freedom back that someone is trying to deal you out of...
    (Our lives are short enough without having to work for some Big Ole' Boss!)

It's simple when you watch my full screen, zoom in video tutorials...


A Couple Of My JVZoo Affiliate Products I've Put Up On Affiliate Platforms

Click The Image To Zoom In (opens in a new window)

 So It all comes down to a couple things,

You want an out right?

You want to change your lifestyle right?

You want your freedom back right?

Well then let me help you get rolling with your own online business, the overhead is peanuts compared to a franchise in the offline world of maybe 250K right?

All you need is a 10.00 or less a year domain, cheap hosting account of like 8.95 per month and an Autoresponder, which is your list building tool plus email sender, and that you can start off free or Aweber is like a buck to try for a month.. I said Peanuts and I mean it...

OK, I'll tell you what's all inside your new members area, actually if you click here you can see a glimpse of it all... (I'm upfront with my students, and I have nothing to hide for you)

  • But here's a little more...
  • Product creation video tutorials on how to take free or paid products you get access to and turn them into products that pay you to your PayPal accounts..
  • A massive product vault of products you can start creating today and have them for sale as early as tomorrow... Pick the ones you want and get them done.. (It's always open)
  • A VIP Premium webinar section that has lot's of cool webinars that teach you all the tricks I've had to struggle to learn for years, now I share how easy it is for you to fast track it...
  • And all your stats in the users area in the admin section, so you can get your affiliate link and refer friends or online clients, and I'll pay you every month for doing so..

I'll leave you with this NOTE.. I've been told I'm the most humble dude around, I'm here, not hiding... I help you all I can if you email me or call me, I'm  your  mentor  right?

We even have a Skype group for everyone to hang around in for help or questions...

I hope you see the value of an online business and the amount of income and the amount of reach you have by this thing they call the web..


It truly takes new meaning to what an average person just like you, and just like little ole' used to be truck driver Roy (Yes me) and give them the unleashed power of opportunity that we never, ever had before..

 So I have to share this with everyone online, and want to change the way society sees things! (I want YOU to be one of the 3 or 4%) that will actually succeed...

And YOU can be if you'll just take the challenge, like I did and 1000's of other average folk just like us have, and do something for themselves for once in their lives...

Just One More From Janice, She's a Doll from Texas,
Yes! I know My Students Well, She Thinks I'm Smart....

(And Yes, Maybe I Am Now From All My Hardknocks That You Won't Deal With)

Just make sure to get in fast, because I don't know if the price will go up on my super low deal right now, because I try to help my students and friends out when I can, and that won't be possible when I hit 1000 students, so at sometime I have to slow down the population if you get my drift...

Join below while it's still accessible OK? and I will see you on the inside, showing you how easy it is, and what you've been missing out on..

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Otherwise you may have to email me if you have AOL, Yahoo, or Spamarrest


To Your Online Success,
Roy Fielding

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